1. Name: jeffrey kain kutsch
2. Age: 28
3. Current Location: the city of chatsworth california
4. Eye Color: brown
5. Hair Color: brown
6. Height: maybe 5 6
7. Right Handed or Left Handed: left handed
8. Your Heritage: american germany
9. The Shoes You Wore Today: i didnt wear shoes today i wore sandals normally
10. Your Weakness: a little weak a little strong right arm is weaker than left
11. Your Fears: thats gotta be a joke right you not gonna scare me
12. Your Perfect Pizza: id say donatellos pepperoni and cheeeeese
13. Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year: find the biggest job to make the biggest money
14. First Thoughts Waking Up: to put my clothes on and think about tv
15: If You Could be any Superhero Who Would it be: i like all kinds of superheros but i want to be something that hasnt been done

for those who don’t know me you’re missin out on a whole lot of fun, entertainment, and the movies you could have been in that i made. i wish i knew more fans for “jeff got thrown off the roof”. i like pinball machines, halloween, comedy movies, horror movies, playin poker, goin to parties. a fun day for me would be hanging out with my friends and being lucky to go back to disneyland. my best part of disneyland is pirates of the carribean and the haunted mansion. but good lord the prices are too high. keep highering up the price, what would Jesus say? “you’re ripping people off, man”. i like to party at tito’s tacos and downtown disney. im at church normally three times a week. and i love to play rock band and guitar hero sucks. i am a big halloween fan i have all kind of stuff and make horror movies. i like to bomb firecrackers and watch em blow up. i also like to make my own too. and kids good lord don’t try this at home.

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