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Check out the scrip for my movie. these are my  notes. TWAH

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Jeff Got Thrown Off the Roof Script-w800-h800

Straight from the vault of Jeffy, a never before seen script has surfaced. A behind the scenes look at the mind of Jeffy and how he comes up with these great movies. You may noticed a blacked out word edited to say “running in the grave yard”; perhaps Jeffy had second thoughts about getting a little too fresh with his co-star (and director’s wife).¬†

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Jeff Got Hit in the Nipple Script 1-w800-h800

this is the story about how my life got twist-turned upside down. i’d like to take a minute just sit right there i’ll tell you how i got hit in the niple by a burrito.

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Jeff gives a little update of whats goin on in his world for the month of November.

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jeff on the roof hes dead Lucia kick me off the roof jon and kenny walks in the house. Lucia see Jon and kenny. she a witeniss. jon and kenny go in the back yard they pick me up put me in the cofin i hawl. jeff come back from the dead as a wolf. jeff gits out of cofin calls for casper and jason. lucia in house reading a book some one nock one door lucia ansere casper at […]

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well i have some scripts sittin around in my room. im very interested an lookin forward for jeff got thrown off the roof again. this movie there two sides of the story thers some stuff i left out but i kinda wana make it a love story buts its not yet you know some valentines kinda stuff. you know that kinda stuff. umm anyway i forget what actually goes on in the story but it called the return of jeff […]

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the next movie comin out

“the return of jeffy got thrown off the roof and the she wolf”. i’m tryin to make it more of a love story though. i will be returning my movie jeff got thrown off the roof. anyway i don’t want to share too much information because people will steal my ideas. i already found somebody that has but theyre missing the point. anyway i was checkin out the internet. i didn’t realize somebody would be stupid enough to jump off […]

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