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Haw do i do it? first 6 at 1nce then 16 at the same time. TWAH!

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Jeffy riding the inflatable construction horse

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Just a little thought about come cool stuff from 1977, 1980, and 1983 like this:

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lets take a walk! this is the barber shop, this is the bullet room, this is the mud dog.

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Jeff is known for his epic birthday parties, and this year was no exception. By his request it was a Rock n’ Roll themed pool party, which if you didn’t know means it was awesome. So here it is, Jeffy’s Super Cool Rock n’ Roll Pool Party in 95 Seconds.

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Jeff’s rating: F-/10

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Jeff gives a little update of whats goin on in his world for the month of November.

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Jeffy’s documentation of his awesome 4th of July celebrations in Filmore, CA. Yes, the fireworks he did were legal, though some of the others he saw were not. You should ask him about those ones.

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Screen shot 2010-10-06 at 7.45.09 PM

We talk about his next movie, “Jeff Got Thrown Off the Roof: The Return of Jeff Got Thrown off the Roof and She Wolf Part 2″, what to expect in the next couple of months, and his recent trip to Disneyland.

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i’d like to thank everyone who gave money to get me a disneyland pass for my birthday. i will take lots of pictures and make more movies

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