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Haw do i do it? first 6 at 1nce then 16 at the same time. TWAH!


cheek out more pitchers of me JEFFY when i was a punk kid name JEFFY [gallery link="file" columns="2"]


Check out the scrip for my movie. these are my  notes. TWAH [gallery link="file" columns="2" orderby="title"]



Jeffy riding the inflatable construction horse


he forgot to pull down his real pantz! more hear

New Soundboard!

Posted by Ian On Oct - 28 - 2010 Add Comments

Jeffy’s got a new soundboard. I don’t think I need to say much else except that this is the version 0.1, so there might be a few bugs. Let me know if there are. -Also, stay tuned for an iPhone & Android app! Click for it!

Jeffit’s #2

Posted by Ian On Oct - 20 - 2010 3 Comments

Click to download!

4th of July Part 1

Posted by Ian On Oct - 19 - 2010 2 Comments

Jeffy’s documentation of his awesome 4th of July celebrations in Filmore, CA. Yes, the fireworks he did were legal, though some of the others he saw were not. You should ask him about those ones.

Jeffit’s #1

Posted by jeffy On Oct - 13 - 2010 Add Comments

Introducing new Jeffit’s. Straight from Jeffy himself comes wonderful wisdom and life lessons. Click to download!

The Life of Jeffy October Update

Posted by jeffy On Oct - 6 - 2010 Add Comments
Screen shot 2010-10-06 at 7.45.09 PM

We talk about his next movie, “Jeff Got Thrown Off the Roof: The Return of Jeff Got Thrown off the Roof and She Wolf Part 2″, what to expect in the next couple of months, and his recent trip to Disneyland.

Jeff Got Thrown Off the Roof Script

Posted by jeffy On Sep - 28 - 2010 4 Comments

jeff on the roof hes dead Lucia kick me off the roof jon and kenny walks in the house. Lucia see Jon and kenny. she a witeniss. jon and kenny go in the back yard they pick me up put me in the cofin i hawl. jeff come back from the dead as a wolf. jeff gits out of cofin calls for casper and jason. lucia in house reading a book some one nock one door lucia ansere casper at […]

Jeffy Goes to Disneyland

Posted by jeffy On Sep - 22 - 2010 4 Comments

i’d like to thank everyone who gave money to get me a disneyland pass for my birthday. i will take lots of pictures and make more movies

Rollercoasterin Part 2

Posted by jeffy On Sep - 7 - 2010 1 Comment

heeyyy im on a rollercoaster again. if i were at magic mountain id be barfin it up.

I Love Titos Song

Posted by jeffy On Sep - 7 - 2010 1 Comment

the best song i have ever ritten.

Gulp Gulp Gulp Gotta Pound It

Posted by jeffy On Sep - 7 - 2010 1 Comment

i went to a place i never been before

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